Enclosed Bytes

Egyedi fejlesztésű, hardveres titkosítással és
biometrikus azonosítással rendelkező adattárolás.


The Enclosed Bytes product line is based on the iSRV FPGA development and is the most secure, custom-designed, biometric-identified, hardware-encrypted data storage devices on the market, meeting the highest Government/Military requirements.

Device properties:

  • Tamper protection (Tamper protection)
  • Unique encryption algorithm
  • Whiteboxable design
  • Fips 140-2 certificate (ASIC)
  • IOS/Android Native application
  • Compatible with all operating systems

Jelenleg elérhető eszköz típusok:
Enclosed Bytes ASIC és FPGA

Available functionalities

Biometric unlocking

Time autolock

Centralised rights management

Step one way autolock

Physical protection, biometric identification, (user identification)

2-factor identification

Panic pin

Battery charge status indication

Custom hardware and software data encryption

Mobile phone-based biometric identification (convenience)

Enclosed Bytes product family is manufactured by ISRV Plc. For more information, please contact us!